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My first Illustrator project!

I started learning how to use Adobe Illustrator this summer, and I thought I should share my progress. Hopefully it will be useful for someone who might also want to start. For each illustration I make, I’m planning on documenting the process, inspirations, resources and tutorials that helped shaped it.

Also, please brutally critique me so I can get better!

Starting out

The internet is cool. There are infinite free tutorials for Illustrator out there on the web, so it’s easy to learn from scratch. To kick-start my Illustrator journey, I decided to pay for an actual online Illustrator class, but I think it’s totally possible to learn everything you need to know for free.

The class I took is called “Learn the Ins and Outs of Illustrator“, taught by Brad Woodard. The class can be found on Skillshare, which has a bunch of awesome online classes, with a focus on the design/illustration/art side as opposed to a lot of the other MOOC sites like Coursera or edX. (which I also recommend if you’re interested in other MOOCs. I’m taking a programming class on Coursera for free right now.)

The course itself was awesome. Brad Woodard was a great teacher for people who are just starting out. He doesn’t gloss over any details to make sure even absolute beginners don’t get confused, and focuses on getting you very comfortable with all the basic tools that you need know to get started. The class also has a project component, so you can work on your own project while learning, and you can present it to other classmates for help and critique. Here’s my project from the class.

By the way, I also just signed up for the “Rock Poster Design: From Concept Development to Execution” class on Skillshare to keep it going with Illustrator. It’d be cool if I had someone to take it with!

The project: succulent

For my first project, I wanted to choose something based in real life, so I would have something real I can look at. My family recently got into growing succulents because of how unique the plants look. The illustration is based on the first succulent that grew in our house.

Illustration details:

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