We’re designing positive change – check us out!

Right after I graduated from college, I discovered design-thinking and human-centered design through this article, where kids used the design process to create their own solutions to problems they were facing. Since then, I’ve been extremely interested and passionate about the potential of design to tackle the biggest social issues that everyone is facing today.

The crappy part is that I graduated with a degree in Physics, which means I have a lot of catching up to do. I wanted to learn design the best way possible, and I was told that the only real way to learn design is by doing design.

So in August, I found friends who were also interested in exploring the potential of design to make positive impact in our community. Erica, Sydney, Airi and I are currently meeting 1 – 2 times a week to tackle our own design challenge in the Bay Area!

We’re sharing our progress and insights on our community blog to keep a record of thoughts and experiences, and also to help others who also want to start using design to create solutions to problems they see around them.

We’re excited to share our experience as we go through the design process, guided by the Human Centered Design toolkit from IDEO.org and the Collective Action Toolkit from frog (both free online).

I don’t know where design will take us, but I’m excited to find out with an awesome team!

Follow our progress on our blog