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My name is Jeff.

I’m currently tackling my own design challenge with a team, using human-centered design to make positive change in the local Bay Area.

I’m going to Lucknow, India in a year to teach a curriculum based on human-centered design , where students will learn life skills by tackling a meaningful community issue together.

I’m giving it everything I got.

I shut down a water ride once by accident.

You can find me on twitter: @jeffnagata


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sanjida Shaheed says:

    Hello Jeff!
    I have sent you an invite to be an author at our Coursera group blog. Awaiting your participation!

    • Thanks Sanjida! I accepted your invitation, and I’m planning on writing my thoughts after I get through some of the content from week 1 of the course. Is there a introductory post that you were thinking of, for each member of the group?

      Thanks again.

      • Sanjida Shaheed says:

        Thanks for accepting and you are welcome!

        Introductory post? You mean, a post where we can get introduced to one another? If that’s what you mean, then, yes, I have been feeling the need to have such a post/page. I would like to invite members to introduce themselves.

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