I’m writing because …

I was in my girlfriend’s bathroom the other day and an epiphany came into my head. It was going to change the world. I flushed the toilet, flushed it again to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind, washed my hands, and I forgot my epiphany. That’s why the world is still the same.

Most of the thoughts floating around in my head make no sense at all. But I’m starting to realize there’s some stuff in there that actually make a whole lot of sense to me.  I have things to say and I want to share it. So that’s what I’m going to do before it disappears again.


2 thoughts on “I’m writing because …

  1. I like this theme. I almost used it on my blog.

    When I have a thought that I feel is worth holding on to, I make sure to keep thinking about it. I sometimes use an app like Google Keep to make a note of it, but not always. Sometimes I feel that thoughts are best left in the brain, and over time they can organically manifest into something else.

    One more thing: if you forget a thought, you have to consider that it wasn’t something worth remembering.

    • This theme caught my attention too. I like it because it puts the content at the forefront, I’m sure you appreciate that.

      I usually have a bunch of thoughts that pop up from somewhere in my head, but you just made me realize that I don’t expand on it immediately afterwards. I try to let it marinate in my head before I think about it some more. Maybe that’s the problem. I used to think I just had really bad memory. Something to work on.

      I started using a Spark File saved on my desktop to keep my ideas recorded. I found that it’s also a good way to see what was or wasn’t worth remembering, as you said. But Google Keep seems like a simpler and quicker way to get it down on digital paper. Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it.

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